According to our surveys is one of the best excursions that can be done in the vicinity of Moscow, tour of Sergiev Posad is dedicated to what can be called the Vatican of the Orthodox of Russia.

Since the 14th century with the appearance of this monastery, it has become the site of pilgrimage of the Russians that they are of the plebs or of the men of power.

The monastery contains several cathedrals, places and sacred objects. Visiting this monastery is a dream of all Orthodox Russian. Pray in the tomb of Saint Sergius and bring holy water from the sacred fountain.

This special excursion is not only about religion, but we can say that it brings together everything that a tourist will want to see in a single day: How is Russia on the outskirts of the city? How are the famous dachas? Unique wooded landscapes. How is the devotion of the Russians? Religious art.

Besides all of the above, it is one of the few places where you can take photos in the interiors of religious temples (with special permission). To bear a full testimony about what an Orthodox cathedral is like and what the devotion of the Russians is.

In this tour with guide in English, Spanish, French and more languages, you will know the history of Saint Sergius but in this history you will know the history of Russia and many details of Orthodox doctrine.

There are several formulas to hire this excursion, with private transport or public transport. Adding some point of interest in Moscow: VDNKH, monasteries, or some other city of interest in the Golden Ring, Aleksandrov.

We invite you to live the most interesting experience of your stay in Russia.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any additional information.


Meeting with your guide at the hotel (early)

  • Transfer to Sergiev Posad “70 kilometers northeast of Moscow”
  • Panoramic view from the viewpoint to the Monastery of San Sergio
  • Visit to the Monastery of San Sergius
  • The Cathedral of the Laura of the Holy Trinity
  • The Museum of Icons
  • The gift shop
  • Passing through the Bell Tower of 1762
  • The Cathedral of the Dormition
  • The source of Sacred Water
  • The Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles
  • The Church in honor of the appearance of the virgin
  • The Refectory (St Sergius Church)
  • The Gardens of the Monastery

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