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FITUR fair in Madrid has sent messages of hope

25 de January de 2022
From January 19 to 23, and like every year, the annual FITUR tourism fair in Madrid was held. This year the celebration has had a special flavor, an atmosphere and airs full of hope that from this spring tourism will begin to return to normal. How was the FITUR fair in Madrid Given the circumstances, […]

QR code will not be necessary to access public places in Russia

14 de January de 2022
QR code will not be necessary to access public places in Russia Latest news on this 01/14/2022 The State Duma will not vote the law about QR codes in public places. After withdrawing the bill to require a valid QR code in public transport, today it was the turn of the bill for QR codes […]

The general situation in Russia

14 de January de 2022
How about the general situation in Russia? Is it true that there is war? Is it true that there are problems with the pandemic? We give the answer to these and many questions by looking at the news that comes out in the Western media’s. Example to understand the reason for this Post / News. […]

Tourism in Russia under threat

4 de January de 2022
Reviewing the statistics of the ATOR (Association of Tour Operators of Russia), it turns out that until September 2021, or the end of the high tourism season in Russia, only 4% of international tourists arrived to Russia compared to 2019, a number that makes everyone who lives thanks to businesses related to tourist activities tremble. […]

Moscow Voted Best Destination 2021 to See Historical Heritage and Best City for Getaways

20 de December de 2021
Congratulations, Moscow best destination 2021; did it again; after winning several aspects related to infrastructures and security among many aspects; this year 2021 it was chosen the best destination to contemplate historical heritage and the best city for getaways. It is quite an achievement to won these awards front of cities with great advertising reach […]
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