The USSR, a time that from outside this country is only perceived with a dark image, full of isolation and censorship, oppression … This is the general perception from the outside. Was it really just this? This is what we will discover with the Tour through Soviet Moscow.

The revolution of 1917 and the social and economic conditions that led to the public uprising. The miserable living conditions that the Russians endured so that their masters live a life of luxury and excesses. Factors of international politics. The yearning of the Jews to be liberated from the centuries of imprisonment within the ghettos. Unions and groups of workers, etc …

All are things related to the changes that have occurred since the revolution and the development of the new regime until its collapse and collapse in the late 80s.

At this time there were also art, literature, flowers, thousands of stories, great sacrifice, education, healing, technological advances and sientificos, not just gray.

We will talk about Stalin in particular, his achievements collapsed by his purges, the inheritance he left after his death but also the bad taste of the memories of the pain he caused.

With our guides in Spanish, French, English and more languages we will talk about all these factors so that everything related to the Soviet era is understood.

Stalin, Lenin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev to Mikhail Gorbachev, name that give shape to this time. That although the Russians do not want to live it again but are proud to be part of it.

The tour of Soviet Moscow has an itinerary that takes you back to that time and will leave you surprised by the beauty of the buildings, the will of the people and much more.

Summary of the itinerary of the tour of Soviet Moscow:

  • VDNKH Park
  • Cosmonaut Museum
  • Izmailovo Market
  • Victory Park
  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War
  • Walk along Arbat Street

Meet with your guide in the hotel (9:30)


  • See the most important pavilions (Ukraine, Karelia, Armenia …)
  • Visiting inside Pavilions of BeluRussia and Armenia
  • The Soviet palace and the statue of Lenin
  • Replica of Vostok, Buran, MIG 27 …

Moscow Cosmonaut Memorial Museum

(with special permission to take pictures and videos)

  • The section dedicated to YURI GAGARIN
  • The Satellites and space probes
  • Engineering Section (Especially in honor of the space engineer KOROLOV)
  • SOYUZ Section and Training
  • Replication of the MIR space station
  • Clothing and related scientific development Section
  • Operation section Luna
  • Many more curiosities and elements of the space race

Izmailovo Market

  • We will visit the Kremlin of Izmailovo and the gift stalls
  • If you fancy, stop to eat meats and vegetables to the barbecue (Not included in the tour)
Moscow Victory Park
  • Victory Gate
  • Monument in honor of the heroes of the First World War
  • The water fountains And the pedestals of the Great Patriotic War
  • Memorial Monument to the Great Patriotic War
  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War from outside

We will finish the tour with a good coffee in the historic street Arbat

Return to the hotel about 18:30

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