Moscow hides thousands of surprises, history, architecture, monuments … But above all it hides jewelry in the form of paintings, much shine and more. In the excursion of art and treasures, we will spend most of the day in art museums (painting, statue …), but since the theme of art is quite extensive and complicated, we will review the works exhibited in the Tretyakov galleries. In the afternoon we will visit the armory representing the most complete collection of the treasures of the Tzars.

The Tretyakov gallery :

The Tretyakov gallery is considered the most important Russian art in the world; in this gallery are exhibited a variety of works from the oldest icons to Russian painting of all time. Since its foundation by Pavel Tretyakov in 1856; was acquiring the collection that has today, a simple way to describe it is : Fantastic.

The Armory of the Kremlin of Moscow :

Since the founding of the Moscow Kremlin Armory in 1808 has been and remains the only museum with the greatest exposure of the treasures of the tsar’s families. Contains thousands of objects (jewels, watches, diamonds …) of great historical and artistic value; it also contains everything related to arms and carriages, dresses and accessories for retouching …

Undoubtedly if you are a lover of art, the excursion of art and treasures with our guide in English, Spanish, French and more languages will leave you with a good memory of Good times.

This tour is optional and can be adapted to the tastes of each visitor. Most tourists prefer to combine the armeria with the guided tour of the Bolchoi theater although the cost is a bit higher.

Come and enjoy the magic with the art excursion and treasures in Moscow.

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