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When traveling to Moscow, there are many things that you must do and enjoy, we name here 10.

  1. Eat Borsch or Salyanka soup
  2. Taste authentic Russian drinks
  3. Visit the most beautiful stations of the famous Moscow metro
  4. Take the photo in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  5. Walk along the Arbat pedestrian street at night
  6. Spend an afternoon in Gorky Park
  7. Go outside of the city to see the typical Russian houses
  8. Go to Swan Lake at night
  9. Buy a Matryoshka doll in the Izmailovo market
  10. Visit VDNKH Park
Category: Travel to Russia

In 2020, a law was approved that allows citizens of more than 55 countries to apply for a visa online, but due to the pandemic it was postponed to launch the website dedicated to this procedure, it is expected that in 2022 the entire process will be carried out telematically and fairly quickly.

We are constantly updating the information related to this matter on our website.

Check out about it on this topic:

Electronic Tourist Russian Visa

Category: Travel to Russia

By law, you can bring a limited amount of cash in non-Russian currencies, but it is forbidden to use them to pay at merchants in Russia.

The idea of bringing cash is attractive, since the exchange rate to the ruble in Russia is much better than elsewhere, in addition to banks there are exchange shops in all tourist places, many of them do not apply commissions.

In addition to paying in cash, in Russia you can pay even very small sums using bank cards, from buying a soft drink to buying expensive luxury items.

Category: Travel to Russia

Taking the example of Moscow, it can be said that for a traveler you can find establishments for all budgets, not to mention western fast food, there are a very large number of places that offer typical Russian food or modern cuisine.

Prices range from 500 Rubles ($ 7) for a balanced lunch, to where the capacity of each goes, there are exclusive Michelin star restaurants among many fine dining restaurants.

The same thing that we said about Moscow applies to the rest of the cities but with very low costs.

According to the opinion of all our clients; Food in Russia is cheap considering the good quality it has.

Category: Travel to Russia

In our opinion, to get to know part of the country in a minimal or basic way, we recommend planning to spend at least 6 nights and visit the 2 most emblematic cities of the country on a tourist level, we are talking about Moscow and Saint Petersburg, dedicating 3 days of guided excursions in each town. This time is calculated based on the idea of having a local guide to take advantage of 100% of the available time.

If you decide to visit more cities, the necessary time must be calculated taking into account the distances and the number of places to visit.

Contact us and we will help you plan your trip to Russia with all the details.

Category: Travel to Russia

In Russia, as in all other countries, you can get to know parts of the country by yourself if you can plan the trip very well and in detail, but even so, surely you cannot enjoy it as with a professional guide who already knows every corner of the city with all information of each place, in addition to the language factor that sometimes complicates vacation plans a lot, so our recommendation is that it is better to hire guided tours throughout Russia.

Category: Travel to Russia

The answer is obviously yes, but the issue is whether we recommend it or not.

We do not recommend it for many reasons:

  1. The question of language (A nightmare to understand the other russian drivers).
  2. Second due to some different signs and the absence of roundabouts.
  3. Third, because of the issue of insurance coverage, which can be very opaque.

In addition to what is described above, hiring vehicles with a driver in Russia is very cheap and easy, you just spend your time enjoying the views and not being stressed at the wheel.

Category: Travel to Russia

In the last decade, Russia has changed in many ways and security has become one of the characteristics of the country.

We can absolutlly confirm that travel to Russia is 100% safe, in all cities exist a close camera network that record all what happen in the streets and public places, in addition, there are a huge number of police everywhere to keep safe all people.

Category: Travel to Russia

Although Arab and Muslim tourists are constantly arriving in Russia, the hotels have not changed their approach to the issue of adapting to the special needs of the Muslim tourist.

The lack of a Bidet shower is one of the problems we face as an agency trying to satisfy all customers, we often succeed in forcing the hotel to install it and sometimes not.

As a precaution, we recommend purchasing a small portable Bidet shower, just as a precaution.

We also recommend that all travelers to Russia coordinate in advance with the local agency to arrange all matters related to accommodation in hotels or apartments.

Category: Travel to Russia

Definitely the answer is NO, in Russia the infrastructure related to using electronic payment systems is highly developed and bank cards can be used to pay from the smallest amounts to the highest amounts, without worrying about the security of the system.

In addition, you can use payment technologies such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, among many others in all places.

Category: Travel to Russia

Russia is a country that has charms throughout the year and for all tastes, in spring, summer and early autumn you can enjoy pleasant temperatures in almost all parts of the country, while in winter the temperatures are more suitable for travelers who want to experience the cold of the north, white prints and frozen lakes. As we said, Russia is a country to enjoy all year round.

Category: Travel to Russia

Russia has a very controlled number of COVID-19 infections, thanks to strict guidelines and rules that apply in all public places.

In general, persons are required to wear masks in public places and, in addition, closures of non-essential establishments are applied if the situation so requires.

To enter the country all travellers must have a valid text PCR and if they also has a vaccination certificate they can have easier access to all public places.

All travelers are advised to maintain social distance.

The important thing is to have the spirit of the positive traveler and enjoy.

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