The City tour in Saint Petersburg is in several variants according to the tastes of the visitors. Mainly focused to cover the most important historical sites in the center of the city, its variants contain Cathedrals besides squares and the Hermitage. It is a private tour with guide in English, Spanish, French and more languages.

The Hermitage:

It is a museum of paints and antiques of the largest in the world; in its location on the Neva river is a historical and beauty work; In its origin was the winter palace of Tsars Romanov from the arrival to the power of Catherine the Great in century XVIII. From the beginning of his existence he acquired works of art and antiques since Catherine the Great purchased the first collection of 225 European paintings. In all the variants of this excursion Is dedicated a minimum of 3 hours to this Architectural and artistic Marvel.

St Petersburg Cathedrals:

The Smolny convent or Smolny convent of the Resurrection a construction that extended its works from the beginning of the XVIII century until finishing the decoration at the beginning of the XIX century. Besides being a religious site, it hides many stories related to politics and intrigue from Elizabeth, the Daughter of Peter the Great to Catherine the Great.

The fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul is the original nucleus of the city of St. Petersburg was erected in full battle by Peter the Great to conquer the land in which the city is. The first citadel was built in 1703. In the fort are also buried all the Tzars of the Romanov dynasty from Peter the Great to Nicolas II and his family (Imperial tombs).

The cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, is the main cathedral of the city was built between 1801 and 1811, inside it is a large colonnade of 96 columns. It was built by order of Paul in 1800.

In addition to the Hermitage and the cathedrals mentioned, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and many other places are visited on the St. Petersburg Center Excursion.

Undoubtedly this excursion is one of the most recommended in St. Petersburg. Come and enjoy St. Petersburg with guide in Spanish, English, French and more languages.


Start 9:00 a.m. finishes at 6:00 p.m.

  • Panoramic tour
  • Smolni Cathedral (Inside)
  • San Feodor Cathedral
  • Ostrovky Park
  • Ekaterina II Monument
  • Alexander Theater
  • Brothers Elisei Confectionery
  • Clock tower
  • Canal of Fontains
  • Canal Grivadedova
  • Cathedral Our Lady of Kazan (Inside)
  • Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ or the Blood Spilled INCOME
  • Hermitage Museum (Around 3 Hours) By the main buildings of winter palace (Inside)

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