Is it advisable to travel to Russia in 2024?

Is it advisable to travel to Russia in 2024?

Is it advisable to travel to Russia in 2024? The question that many travelers ask and for various reasons they cannot find or have doubts about the answers.

General situation in Russia

After 2 years of special military operation (and without going into details on this matter), Russia is economically and socially better than at any other time in its modern history. This situation is reflected in the low level of inflation, low unemployment, a rising GDP and an increasingly lower external debt.

The social situation in Russia is marked throughout its history by the unity of the population, following traditions and beliefs, apart from the social calm resulting from what was mentioned above.

Effects on tourism in Russia

As a result of the general situation in Russia, there is great calm internally and a lot of security in the streets and establishments dedicated to internal or external tourism, from there it is understood that for all tourists who decides to travel to Russia, they will have all the elements of enjoying a good vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with a lot of history, traditions, culture, art and gastronomy to offer.

Is it advisable to travel to Russia in 2024?

The answer is, without a doubt, YES, proof of this, this year and just at the end of the year 2023, the hotels and guide agencies were saturated with tourists of Arab origin, especially taking advantage of the low costs of staying in the country.

We list some reasons:

  1. Security: Without a doubt it is one of the most important reasons to take into account when deciding to travel to any country.
  2. Cost: Although it is the case that plane tickets to travel to Russia are expensive due to Western sanctions, this is compensated by the low cost of the services that tourists need during their stay in the country.
  3. Exchange rate: Although there are more and more countries that abandon the American dollar, but to travel for now, the tourist is obliged to use it. Since the exchange rate is quite high ($1=90 Rubles on average), the price of accommodation, food, purchasing items and other services comes out at very low costs compared to any other Western country.
  4. People: Russian friendliness has no limits, it is palpable in every corner where a tourist walks, without giving credence to the legends that Russians are bland, the traveler to Russia feels comfortable dealing with Russian citizens.

Is there a risk of war in Russia?

What is happening in the special military operation is so far from the big capitals that neither the citizen nor the tourists traveling to Russia will notice it all the time. All markets and leisure establishments are operating like any other time.

Our proposals for traveling to Russia in 2024

At Tours in Russia, we have developed a work plan in special circumstances. In addition to our usual services related to transfers and excursions, in this year 2024 and following the same principles as other past years, we act as intermediaries between travelers and hotels in the most important cities of Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg in particular.

In the first stage, when a future traveler contacts us, we propose hotels according to their criteria and tastes.
The customer always has the final say in choosing the establishment they like the most.
In the last stage, we manage the guaranteed reservation and organize all the related logistics.

Our goal is to ensure that our visitors will be able to enjoy a unique experience in Russia despite the special circumstances that the country and the entire world are experiencing.

Do you dare to travel to Russia? Contact Us.

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