Photo shoot session in Russia generally and in Moscow or Saint Petersburg specially is a service that every traveler should seriously consider, for many reasons that we are going to list.

The photo shoot session in Russia is freedom at all times

Who did not get tired of taking photos of family or friends without having the feeling that he or she is also enjoying the day, worried about not losing everyone’s photos in the most beautiful places, and in the end the person that the family assigned the mission of being the as always, the family photographer runs out of memories photos or simply with photos that the grandmother or the child took without paying attention to any detail.

Having your own professional photographer in a private photo shoot on a visit to the center of Moscow or St. Petersburg (In Russia) gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the best moments together without worrying about Photos.

Professional photo quality

There is no doubt that taking photos with the mobile is a good practice that we all tend to do to immortalize the best moments on our trips, but there is almost always this feeling that something is missing.

A professional photo album has many ingredients that make it one of the best ways to have well-immortalized memories, composition, light, and best of all, each photo is unique and perfect, all the experience of a dedicated professional photographer, to each photo.

Professional photographers use high quality cameras with technology thousands of times better than a mobile phone camera.

Low-Cost for the best album

The service includes a high-quality paper album if time permits and digital format on USB. So before you fly you will have photos to remember your trip for a lifetime.

The cost of this service is adapted to each client. Depending on the hours of the tours and the points to be visited and also the size of the group of people to be photographed.

Not only tourist places

Do you want to extend the photo session from the red square, through the VDNKh and ending with a romantic dinner? Everything is possible; just tell us your travel plans and we will give you the best ideas to take the best photo album of your lives.

videos too

You are a blogger, an influencer or a family who likes to have professional videos of their trips; here we also have solutions, videos made with professional cameras with mounting options or not.

We recommend all travelers to consult us about this service, especially families and couples.

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