In Catherine the Great Palace tour, we travel out of St. Petersburg to enjoy a very special day. Visiting a historic city, palaces that are only seen in movies and much more. It is a private tour with guide in English, Spanish, French and more languages.

The city of Pushkin :

24 km from Saint Petersburg is the emblematic city of Pushkin; Its palaces and the historical center is declared part of the patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO. Since its founding in the 18th century, it has been the summer residence of the Tsar’s family it was given the current name Pushkin in 1937, to commemorate the centenary of the tragic death of the great Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, who studied there between 1811 and 1817.

One of the Lost/Rebuilt Marvels stands out the amber chamber, which the Germans sacked and never appeared again, and has been rebuilt based on the photos and designs that were kept from the pre-World War II era.

The Great Palace of Catherine :

It was the summer residence of the Tsars until the Soviet period. Is located in the city of Pushkin, it is part of the heritage of humanity along with all the parks and palaces of this beautiful city. Since 1717 that began its construction according to each tsar, it has been changing of style and form.

This tour details the history of this palace and the curiosities that surround it.

The famous amber room :

It is one of the wonders of the time of the Romanov; unfortunately, it is not the original since the Nazi soldiers stole the authentic and never knew where it disappeared; the current Amber room is an exact replica to the original and was based on making it from the photos, drawings and writings that were preserved from the destruction.

In addition to all these wonders, visit more sites of great interest (See the itinerary for more details).

Catherine the Great Palace tour is done with private transportation at all times with guide speaking in English, Spanish, French and more languages.


Start 9:00 finishes at 6:00 p.m.

  • Treasury of the Zares City Pushkin (Inside)
  • Grand Palace of Catalina (Inside)
  • The famous amber room
  • The Great Ballroom
  • The Golden Perspective
  • The Ermitazh Palace and its automatic table (Inside)
  • The grotto
  • Entrance to Pavlosk Park
  • Pablo I Palace (Inside)
  • War and Peace Rooms
  • The roundabout
  • Library
  • Real Bedrooms
  • The big dining room

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